Social media: good or bad impact on education?


“Social media has several effects on academic work — some more positive than others. But what is social networking’s overall impact on college students’ performance?”

We all know that social media is known to have a generally positive effect, but how exactly does it effect academic performance?

According to Mashable writer Jolie O’Dell (using data provided by, social media using teens are twice as likely to feel “well-liked” by their peers and to participate in extra-curricular activities. A further 20 per cent feel a greater connection to their school and community if using Facebook.

But here’s the bad news: students who use Facebook while hitting the books are likely to be 20 per cent less productive than their non social media active counterparts.

And here’s more… non Facebook using teens are said to complete an average of 16 hours of part-time work, compared to the 5 hours worked by active users. (Hmm?)

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